Reducing Headlight Size

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While we are discussing movement, there is another item that might come in useful. Believe it or not, it's duct tape. In the service vehicles have what are called "cats' eyes". This is a very small light on the front of the vehicle that serves as a headlight when moving at night, where there is a chance of being seen while moving, by the regular headlights. It's range is very limited, maybe 10 feet, and they are only bright enough to make a very small area visible. But by traveling slowly, you don't bump into things.

Now, the duct tape can be used to simulate these lights by taping over your headlights, and leaving only a slit about 1/2 inch tall and 3 inches wide. It reduces the light to just straight ahead, and not very far. One thing however, remember, the headlights generate heat. That means the tape glue is going to become sticky and the tape might come off. So I'm afraid the only answer to that is to tape from the metal on one side of the head light to the metal on the other. Since that metal doesn't get hot, it should hold the tape in place untill you arrive where you are going. Bad news is I cann't say what it will do to your paint job. Then again, if it gets you out of harms way, who cares what it does?