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OK, so you thought the only purpose of a moat was to keep out bad guys, right? Well, here's an incredibly interesting bit of knowledge from a reader (also Texans I might add, which would explain their depth of knowledge on such esoteric arts):

    "Concerning the discussion on Plumb and Level. The castles in Europe had the moats dug around them to determine level (as in water level).

    A simple water level that relies on Pascal's law was not mentioned in the discussion. Pascal's law which, in its simplest terms, states that water always seeks its own level. The water level is still often used on foundations but also by carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, and other tradesmen. It will level around a corner for you without the fuss of a second setup. Lining up footings for a deck (or the decking itself) is another task often tackled more easily using a water level than with a carpenter's level or even a line level. Some contractors actually check their new laser levels against a water level for a field calibration check. A water level is considered accurate to approximately one-sixteenth on an inch over whatever distance, providing you have all the bubbles out of your water hose. will give an overview of several brands and links to several plans so you can build your own.

    A hose, some water, a string, an old plumb bob and you can get your projects plumb level without a lot of expensive equipment and expensive help.

    My wife takes great pleasure in reading your daily update aloud each morning in her best newscast voice. The dog and I are her rapt audience. Thanks for brightening our day, here on the farm."

Yeah - I write for broadcast. I tell this to readers who send in complaints about my spelling. I tell them to read it aloud and it usually makes sense. And Mister, you got a smart dog.