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( Originally Published Early 1900's )
1. Feather Beds, Old, to Renovate Without Steam.—Old feather beds may be renovated or cleaned very satisfactorily by putting them out during a heavy shower, turning, to give both sides a good soaking. [And. the author can't see, if it does not rain when and as hard or as long as it is. desired for this purpose, why a woman can't get up a good "heavy shower" of her own by means of plenty of warm water and the ordinary house or garden. sprinkler; she certainly could, and I think be better than the natural cold shower.] Dry thoroughly in the sun, beating with a stick to loosen up the feathers, as you do a carpet to get out the dust. The bed may lay upon the ground to receive the water, but should be placed upon slats or sticks across chairs, or something of this character, while drying.

Remarks.—On boards or poles, one end on the fence sloping towards the sun, is the better way. If there are stains on the tick they can be cleaned at the same time in the following manner:

2. Feather Bed Tick, to Remove the Stains.—Pulverize some starch and stir it into sufficient soft soap to make quite a thick paste, enough to cover the spots caused by children's wetting it. When dry, brush off and wash with clean water by means of a wash-cloth or sponge. Dry again in the sun, and whip to lighten up the feathers.