How to Safeguard a Home With Homemade Booby Traps

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There are many ways to safeguard your home. You can get a Security Alarm setup,or locks for the windows and doors. It is less expensive however, to booby trap your home, by making it yourself, and feel safe at home.
    1. Get a "kicker" for your door knob. You can find them at at most Superstores, as well as hardware stores.
    2. Look for long rods that you can jam up underneath your door knob and go down to the ground.The door cannot be opened from the outside,with it in.
    3. Insert broom handles in the bottom of sliding glass doors or windows that slide to stop them from opening.
    4. Sharpen broom handles or thick sticks and keep them throughout your house to attack an intruder.
            • Try and remember that weapons can be taken from you and used against you**
    • Put tape on your doors and windows to see if anyone opens them without you knowing.
    1. Buy little screw type locks to put on sliding windows, so the windows can only be opened as high as the lock is.
    2. Tripwires are excelent. A tripwire is strings or fishing wire tied to somthing such as a stick or pole just above the ground that form a shape that when a person walks up, they will trip. You can put these at the tops of staircases.