Ghillie (Camouflage) Suit

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As I have said, much in the future, imho, will depend on NOT being seen. With that in mind, becoming part of the landscape seems like a good idea. So, you want to blend in? Try a Ghillie Suit. What is a Ghillie Suit you ask. That is the outfit that snipers wear. When you stop moving, you become a bush. These suits are kind of pricey (Upwards of $300) but this one can be made for about $50. Here you go.

First take an old set of clothing, with a color
suitable to the background where you think you will
need to be using the suit. Next sew embroidery thread
around the clothing. This thread is very strong, and
can be bought at your local crafts store for about a
quarter per packet. You may need more or less
depending on your size. I'm about average height and
weight, and it took two packets for the pants, and
four for the shirt. You should make a stitch, streach
the thread about 4" over and make the next stitch.
Continue this way untill the entire set of clothing is
covered with a series of lines spaced 6 to 8 inches
apart, vertically. It should look like you are wearing
something with very thin horizontal strips. With 4"
gaps between the stitches provide the "loops" (for
lack of a better term) on which you will tie the camo.

Next, go back to the crafts store, and get dye the
appropriate colors for your area. Lets' say one pack
of green dye, and one brown or tan. Net cost for these, about
4 to 5 bucks. You will also need raffia, LOTS of
raffia. That is the stuff they use to make hula
skirts. VERY tough, VERY lightweight, and a natual
fiber that will dye easily. Dye the raffia. I have
found using lenghts of about a foot to 18 inches works
well. Fold it in half, and stick the folded loop of raffia under the thread. Bring the loose ends up through the loop and
pull it tight. Repeat untill you are finished covering
the suit, mixing the colors at random, so you make no
set pattern. Net cost of the raffia, about $15.

I have also found that covering a mosquito head net
with it and adding a pair of cheap cloth work gloves
of the right color makes you darn near invisable at
very close range. Raffia has the addtional advantage
of looking, and sounding natural, as opposed to
something such as nylon. It "breathes" quite well,
which is a bonus on hot days.