How to Walk Safely at Night

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Steps you can take to improve your safety when walking at night.


    1. Be inconspicuous when walking or cycling at night-time.
    2. Wear clothing that would not draw attention to yourself.
    3. Stick to well-lit streets such as town centers.
    4. Walk or cycle without hesitation. If you look confident you are less likely to attract unwanted attention.
    5. Have a little bottle of pepper spray or some kind of defense weapon with you and be able to access it easily.


    • Do not walk with your CD player, Walkman, or mp3 player playing. If you absolutely must listen to your music, turn it to a low volume so that you can listen for footsteps behind you. Also consider playing it in one ear, leaving the other one free to listen.
    • If possible tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
    • Keep your mobile phone switched on and within easy reach in case of emergencies.


    • Stay out of the road at night.
    • Walk safely off the road and clear of any traffic.
    • Avoid deserted parks and alleyways; even if this means taking a longer, but safer, route home.
    • Use your neck like an owl would. Always check your surroundings for danger as you walk at night.
    • Do not walk or cycle whilst chatting to a friend on your mobile phone. You must keep your wits about you.
    • Check the policy for your country/state before buying pepper spray, since it is illegal in some places.
    • Don't cycle at night when drunk, or even in daytime, your reactions are considerably slower under the influence.