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( Originally Published Early 1900's )
1. DOGS—Mange Upon—Sure Remedy.—Powdered aloes, g oz.; flour of sulphur, 1 oz. Mix to a consistence of porridge, with spirits of turpentine, and apply with a brush or swab.

Remarks.—" Cures every time," said a citizen of Ann Arbor to me, who had tested it. The word " mange " undoubtedly comes from the French demanger, to itch, as it causes such a degree of itching as to cause dogs and other animals to rub themselves almost constantly against whatever they can find. What will cure it in one animal will do the same with others. Probably arises from the acarus scabies, or itch mite, affecting children, and is, therefore, "catching," or contagious.

2. Dogs Poisoned by Strychnia, Antidote for.—Salad oil (which is pure sweet or olive oil), pt., has saved them; so, also, has lard.—Journal of Applied Chemistry.

Remarks.—The lard was used by the late James F. Reed, of San Jose, Cal., .as they use strychnia there largely to kill gophers; hence the dogs are often poisoned. And as my books have always sold as readily in California as in the East, I deem it an important recipe, and add: 'Tis very important to give the oil when a person is thus poisoned, or warm lard if no oil is at hand—1/2 pt. at least—strong coffee, etc., as directed under that head.

3. Dogs, Cats, Hogs and Horses, To Drive Off' Fleas on.—The Scientific American gives us the following for this purpose. The pennyroyal -flavor is very strong and offensive to these " gentry," although many people, of which I am one, are very fond of it. The herb makes an effective tea, drank 'hot, to break-up colds, by starting perspiration. It says, under the head of Pennyroyal for Fleas:" "The oil of pennyroyal will drive these insects off; 'but a cheaper method, where the herd flourishes, is to throw your dogs and cats into a decoction of it once a week. Mow the herb, and scatter it in beds of pigs once a month. I have seen this done for many years in succession. Where the herb cannot be got, the oil may be procured. In this case, saturate strings with it, and tie them around the necks of dogs and cats; pour a little on the back and about the ears of hogs troubled with fleas, which you can do while they are feeding, without touching them. By repeating this application every 12 or 15 days the fleas will flee from every quadruped, to their relief and improvement, and your relief and comfort in the house. Strings saturated with the oil of pennyroyal, and tied around the necks and tails of horses, will drive off lice; the string should be saturated once a day."